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February 2, 2023   WFP China COE
Review of WFP China COE's Engagement in 2022

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  SSC Engagement

  Cloud School Courses

 Category Solutions


 11 April

 Seminar on Juncao Technology Application for

 Climate Adaptation


 Technical Training

  The Application of Juncao Technology in the 

  Yellow River Management


 15 April

 Seminar on Digital South-South Cooperation 

 Boosts Innovation and Transformation


 Policy Support

  IoT Technology Facilitates Live Animal 

  Mortgage Loan


 17 May

 Seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction and 

 Emergency Management


 Policy Support

  Disaster Risk Reduction Managemen


 19 May

 The Workshop on Flood Response – Henan Case


 Technical Training ——

 30 June

 Webinar on Nutrition and School Feeding


 Technical Training

  WFP Preschool Nutrition Improvement Project

  in Hunan


 6 July

 Training Course on Cassava Food Processing 

 Technology for Developing Countries


 Technical Training

  Cassava Starch Processing Technology and Its 

  Application in China


 7-8 Sep.

 Seminar on China-Africa Rice Value Chain: 

 Rice Processing, Storage and Quality Control


 Policy Support

  Application and Development Trends of Smart

  Agricultural Machinery in Rice Cultivation


 13 Sep.

 Case Study of WFP- UNOSSC Rice Value Chain 

 Project in Cote D'Ivoire


 Country Project

  China Africa Rice Value Chain Development 

  Project in Côte d'Ivoire


 14 Sep.

 Digitalised South-South Cooperation for 

 Zero Hunger


 Policy Support

  Small Potatoes Grow into a Big Industry


 20 Sep.

 2022 African Union Year of Nutrition


 Policy Support——

 28 Sep.

 Workshop on Climate Smart Mechanization for 

 Transforming Agriculture in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas


Technical Training


 18 Oct.

 A Series of Workshops on Innovative and 

 Digitalized Smallholder Market Access


 Country Project

  Digital Jasmine Traceability and E-commerce


 11 Nov.

 2022 International Seminar on Global Poverty 

 Reduction Partnerships


 Policy Support

  The Rocky Areas' Road to Prosperity: Expert 

  Workstations in a Village


 18 Nov.

 Seminar on Post-harvest Loss Management for 

 National Food Security


 Policy Support

  Causes and Countermeasures for Post-harvest

  Loss across the Supply Chain


 25 Nov.

 2022 International Forum on Digital Technology 

 Empowering Rural Transformation


 Policy Support

  Digital Technology Empowers Smallholder

  Value Chain in Western China


 13 Dec.

 Seminar on Cassava Value Chain Development


 Technical Training

  Harvesting, Storage and Processing of Cassava




 South-South Cooperation Dialogue on Rural 

 Youth Development Invigorated by E-commerce



 Technical Training

  Guangxi's Xiangzhou County Boosts Rural

  Vitalisation Via Live Commerce


 21 Dec.

 Synergy Meeting & Stakeholders' Dialogue on 

Rice Value Chain Development  



 Policy Support

  Raising Rice Value