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January 4, 2023   WFP China COE
Digital Technology for Rural Value Chain Contributes to Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation;Rural E-commerce Comprehensive Demonstration Project;Country Project

Rural E-commerce Comprehensive Demonstration Project

The "Rural E-commerce Comprehensive Demonstration Project" was piloted in 2014 and officially launched in 2015. Since then, the project has been targeted at registered low-income households, villages and counties, and focused on developing e-commerce infrastructure with government funding support, establishing county-level service and logistics systems, fostering specialists and facilitating online market of agriproducts. As of 2019, the project has covered all 832 low-income counties across China. In recent years, rural e-commerce has been flourishing. Many localities have developed rural e-commerce system from the ground up, and rural online business began to grow rapidly. So far, rural e-commerce has been unprecedently growing in terms of market size, supply and demand pattern, as well as economic impact.

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Sci-Tech Empowering Rural Transformation Report 2022: Digital Technology Empowers Agricultural Value Chain Development