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June 7, 2023   WFP China COE
2022 Review on South-South Cooperation

Annual Review,South-South Cooperation, Policy Support,DAA,Knowledge Exchange

The Year of 2022 witnessed challenges for ending hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition in the world against the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and economic downturns, etc. Facing changes and difficulties, WFP Centre of Excellence for Rural Transformation (WFP China COE) continuously fortified its role of South-South Cooperation with our commitment of attaining the SDGs.

In collaboration with partners in different areas, WFP China COE has unswervingly made efforts on sharing experience and leveraging expertise on food security, nutrition improvement and poverty alleviation, with developing countries through South-South Cooperation. Since mid-year of 2022, WFP China COE has been forging itself ever stronger a South-South Cooperation broker with the new Strategic Plan (July 2022 - Dec 2025) on track.