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Sci-Tech Empowering Rural Transformation Report 2022

Good Practice,Food Security,Science and Technology,Rural Development, Agricultural Value Chain

November 25, 2022   CIIC,FAO,IFAD,WFP,ESCAP-CSAM

E-commerce Promotes Rural Vitalization in West China

Good Practice,E-commerce,Rural Vitalization,West China,Value Chain Development for Smallholders,Rural E-commerce,Longnan

November 25, 2022   WFP China COE,AliResearch

Sustainable Agriculture and Value Chain Development SSTC Cities Project Pilot Initiative in Nepal

Summary Report,Sustainable Agriculture,Value Chain Development,SSTC Cities Project,Nepal

June 1, 2022   WFP China COE

China Africa Rice Value Chain Development Initiative Under GSSDC Project

Technical Guidance,Rice Value Chain,GSSDC Project

May 20, 2022   WFP China COE

Seminar on Digital South-South Cooperation and Online Operation of the WFP-China South-South Cooperation Knowledge Sharing Platform

Summary Report,South-South Cooperation,Online Operation

May 18, 2022   WFP China COE

Promotion of Sustainable Food System for Zero Hunger: Good Practice on Post-Harvest Loss Management from China and Africa

Good Practice,Sustainable Food System,Zero Hunger,China,Africa

May 10, 2022   WFP China COE,CERFAM

Practical Manual of Efficient Cultivation Techniques for Tomatoes in Arches

Technical Guidance,Efficient Cultivation Techniques,Tomatoes,Arches

May 10, 2022   WFP China COE

Technical Guidance on Poultry Raising

Technical Guidance,Poultry Raising,Food Systems

May 10, 2022   WFP China COE

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